Boat rental Mazel

Rental Lipno

Italian pedal boat

Excellent stable pedal boat with a slide for 4 – 5 people. The whole family will really enjoy the ride.

Aluminum barge

With oars or electric motor or with Mercury 5HP internal combustion engine.


We rent stable family canoes. Canoe Toucan – polyethylene (plastic) three-seater canoe. Canoe Vltava – laminate three-seater canoe. They are very easy to use, so there is a comfortable navigation on them. Their capacity is: 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children around 12 years old. Pálava canoes – inflatable canoes for 2-3 people.

Sea kayak

Recently a very popular sport. In our rental shop we rent Nifty kayaks from the Delsyk company. They are very stable and suitable for beginners. Sailing on these kayaks is not physically demanding and in a short time and with a little effort it is possible to cover a long distance. They are equipped with a rudder.

Kayak Mambo

Mambo is a real all-round kayak, stable, easy to maneuver, unsinkable, easy to use. You will definitely like him extremely much. The boat, which is a cross between a narrow hull of a kayak and a surf, moves just as well on a calm water surface and on large sea waves.


Paddleboarding is a new trend that has been popular with people across generations. You’ve probably heard of it, too, and maybe you’re finally going to try it. It has its origins in Hawaii, where it was originally created to support the teaching of surfing. Paddleboard is so popular mainly because it can be operated anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the wind is blowing or not, and it doesn’t matter if you are twenty or enjoying retirement. You can go for both adrenaline and a ride in peace, for example with your dog, or practice yoga on the water surface.
Ship Per hour season 15.6.-15.9./mis season For the day season 15.6.-15.9./mis season
Sea Kayak 170 CZK / 120 CZK 700 CZK / 600 CZK
Kayak Mambo 170 CZK / 120 CZK 700 CZK / 600 CZK
Aluminum barge 170 CZK / 120 CZK 700 CZK / 500 CZK
Aluminum barge with engine 300 CZK / 250 CZK 1000 CZK / 900 CZK
Canoes 170 CZK / 120 CZK 700 CZK / 600 CZK
Paddleboard 170 CZK / 120 CZK 700 CZK / 600 CZK
Pedal pedal 200 CZK / 150 CZK 800 CZK / 700 CZK